Fake Voters are the detriment of humanity itself. Nothing’s real with the ego folk.

Tiffany Belle Harper

I am often dismayed by life. I feel saddened by fake trophy hunting and ‘self’ representation where those with no good intent fabricate the better folk to gain attribution. Ever more empathy for the fools who follow such fake-hood.

This spills over into the animal kingdom also. We have people such like Ricky Gervais and his desperate side kick – then, Theresa May who does the same. It’s beyond comprehension how such filthy folk gain high media representation. Perhaps due to cash funding, self voting and pure will to succeed without a true destination. They peak and dip with only agenda. It’s a pattern to be observed for future avoidance, for the good ones who are not in the same manipulative process. Be warned of the darkness. They play with the light.

But … really – none of this matters. Mainstream outlets relying on votes to gain their place in…

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