Whispers The Irreducible Primary © Rob Taylor

Rob Taylor

My life endures
Solely by presence of
External determinants

Proving I am not quite
Sovereign as Ego implored
My dignity to trust

But I made passage
Through circuitous corridors
Which exposed innate

Recognition that I
Would wither as parched
Flowers save how

Great Earth nurtures
Me and Wind gathers
The seven billion

Which I inhale with
Every breath, whereas
Water purifies my

Inner refuge and
By the Sun immortal
Energy touches me

I have learned
Of Gratitude and the
Whispers of Love

The utmost priority in achieving stability within Creation is the repair of Human—to—Human relationships. Violations of or abuses to the environment, animals, and all other aspects of Nature will not desist until Human Beings establish genuine love and value for Human life. If we cannot aspire to and attain love of each other, sustainable love for any facet of Nature is impossible.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor

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