Walk in Love upon our Crystal Planet together

The Nester©

Jacquard layers of perplexed anomalies riddled with conundrums and method seeking when only required is of our inner value yearning to find solace and abundance in true purpose to the entirety of our reason for serving the divine that chooses to remain within myths amidst the chameleons for which renegade love and sanctuary on our planet of greatness and light.

For our Earth is a rock of pure, innocent crystal – serving us in ways that are healing and projecting the universe to such an extent that all damage done to others who walk upon Gaia will be stuck in the 3rd dimension unless they show remorse for their crimes of hatred and ego driven agenda to this span of infinite magnificence and even so, those in the 3rd dimension are trapped – but not perpetually, there’s another cycle. So, let’s walk pretty. Let’s walk together in love with…

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