Heartbreaking Heartlessness #Fundraising

Writer Goes Roaming

Mead Medica Head Office
Lydiafield Care Home, Standalane, Annan
Dumfries & Galloway,  DG12 5JR
Tel: 01461 206218 Fax: 01461 204145
Email: headoffice@meadmedica.co.uk

I wouldn’t normally post contact details in a blog, but in the case of Mead Medica, I’ll make an exception.  After all, they are eager to make a killing from helpless old people, so they’ve put their details in the public domain – which makes it so much easier for animal lovers, and those who actually care about people, (which is most of the public)  to let Mead Medica know precisely what we think of them.
Of course, I am talking about their cruel, scandalous abuse of 87 year old, bereaved Bob, who has lived in this “home” for four years, keeping his little dog, Darkie, with him by arrangement with previous management, who apparently actually had hearts instead of swinging bricks in their chest cavities.
A petition…

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