Blue Sky Oscar by ‘step into the nightmare’

Step Into The Nightmare

Well it looks like the awards buzz has hit Hollywood again, and The Academy(Susan) has seen fit to nominate me for an Oscar for most handsome blogger(the Blue Sky Tag).

I’m not even going to get into the whole “What the HELL is a Blue Sky Tag anyway?” debate. That would be undignified at this point. I’ll tell you this right off the bat though. I’m not nominating anyone else because I have no friends. Only enemies. And if I did have friends I’d like to think I wouldn’t besmirch them with a series of fruity questions(hint hint Flusan).

Besides, now that I’m world famous, frankly I don’t have time for such provincial trifles and I’m only answering this nomination because I know that Susan secretly fancies me and I don’t want to break her heart.

There I said it.

No Mr. Susan! I don’t care any…

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