How Do You Solve a Problem Like Verbal Diarrhoea? #Satire #Artist

Step Into The Nightmare

Executive decision here at Doubtpuppet Towers.

I am suspending my blog until I’ve published my poetry book. And that might not even be very long in theory but we shall see. Put it this way, if I don’t suspend the blog it will never happen!

The last year of my life has been a sick rollercoaster designed by the Marquis de Sade.

A couple of times I’ve tried to get organised and put a moratorium on the blog so I can achieve other things. Then, like clockwork, the shit hits the fan and I end up so beleaguered that I come crawling back to the blog for sanctuary. Cos honestly, I feel good for nothing else. And I enjoy it. It’s a nice cathartic place to alchemise weird energies into words, and let’s face it – utter nonsense.

But after a while there’s always a series of sharp epiphanies, and…

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  1. Ah curse my shitty will power!
    Oh that’s true – I only joined it a few weeks back now because I was advised to join facebook and twitter for marketing books. But I am not a fan. It’s like a big stage everyones scrambling to get on and everyone’s screaming at the top of their voices, but no-ones really listening. Waste of time and energy. Blogging can be like that too but you do meet some genuine people through it at least. Twitter makes a virtue of being superficial. There’s something basically wrong with that.


    • If you sync your WordPress account with your twitter handle you can put a note on bottom of each post asking people to share your post or you can set it to automatically share your posts on FB and Twitter, Tumblr etc. Which is ideal. You don’t have to go on there then. FB is quite good for groups. LinkedIn is supposed to be good too. But I would just write and then approach agents directly or self publish. Many people self publish with great success.


  2. OK Tiffany. It was nice talking to ya. I wish I had more time. But I know myself too well! I know you know what I mean there 😉
    OK then. Maybe we should do the Twitter messaging in future then to avoid that. Just a thought(after slagging off Twitter non-stop there!)(this kind of thing always happens to me!)

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      • Nah I wasnt on any of it till recently. I deliberately avoided it cos I was paranoid about putting stuff about me online, plus I didnt really get the point. But it does have a messaging facility for chats like this – that’s the only plus side

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      • No I believe things are changing … Take Bansky for instance. He is not running any promo campaigns. That’s why we all love him so much. He just gets on with it. But writing is different. Just keep writing. Do it for fun without the worry. Get on with it NOW!

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      • Well maybe. the trouble is the world runs on money so people tend to want some in return for what they make or put out there. That’s when all the fun and games begin – marketing, incentives, tricks, changing what you create to make more money. IT’s a problem. I don’t know what the answer is. I would hope to make what I like but do it well and hope that enough people like it to make it worthwhile. But my self publishing research says the likelihood of pulling that off is slim. They say you have to write to market. And it makes me sad how that world works. I had to stop listening to the podcasts cos it was ALL about marketing tricks, and how to milk more money out of your books, but they have the nerve to frame it like theyre doing it for the good of the reader. I ended up falling out with one of them in the comments! ha ha ha.
        Youre right. I will bugger off and do my book stuff now! Later!


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