‘Intergalactic’ by Step into the Nightmare #music #diary #satire

Step Into The Nightmare

19 years since I bought this single.


I’m just off to flush my head down the toilet.

Haaaaaaaanyway I bought this down the smoke while I was staying in some student accommodation near The Barbican, learning to programme in COBOL for a job that would never start. But I wasn’t to know that then. Me, Andy and Simon would roam about at night like feral dogs looking for some new place to spend our luncheon vouchers and get drunk. In retrospect, all three of us were way too cool to work in stupid boring IT. The City ground to an eerie halt at 9pm. It was like I Am Legend after that.

Not to be defeated, I showed the boys the old break-into-the-poorly-defended-student-bar-with-a-spoon trick.

He he he he he he heeeeeeeee.

And that served us well.

Until the Spaniards showed up.

But that my friends is another story.


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