Begging the Question by Sherwyn Jellico #bookreview (OCD and Depression in Poetry)

Tiffany Belle Harper


Begging the Question: Commentating depression and OCD in a frank and ‘deeply’ creative way. An artistic, viewpoint in book form by writer and poet Sherwyn Jellico who also illustrated and edited his first book, ‘Begging the Question.’

Begging the Question is available now on Kindle. Here’s my review via Amazon.

[A deep and somewhat tangled look at the complexity of the human mind. Coupled (or tripled, even) with a sense of frustration that ignites with a genius and controversial take on many digressions the brain and subconscious will take throughout various stages during our lives. I believe ‘we’ all experience segments of this thought provoking journal of mind and expansive expression. While many may be in denial, Sherwyn Jellico nails the conditions he describes with an openness together with a ‘quirky’ and definitely off-beat gift of words.

‘Begging the Question’ an educational insight into the ‘prime’ awkwardness created by…

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