Abundance vs Scarcity by Extracting Value

Extracting Value

Many people of the working class are thinking that they are lacking because they are surrounded with people like that at work or they are surrounded in their spare time. Scarcity mentality is very ineffective towards goals and fulfilment because regardless of how much you are going to do, it will never lift you up. Function versus disfunction

The more you focus on what you lack, the less you focus on what you have. Therefore if you focus consistently on what you lack without acknowledging what you have, you will feel poor, very poor.

Positivity is a state of mind, which is made possible when you are happy with your environment.

Some reasons for which you do not feel at place probably include:

  • Conditioned into comparing yourself to others , which could have been developed early on by bullies or by bad parenting.
  • Projected opinion of yourself by others which you’ve allowed because you…

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