For all the #Souls…by The Secret Poetess

I try not to have favourites. I try less to find such a beautiful soul as this. My Darling Minx. Love is Blind. To you and yours and ours.

© The Secret Poetess

For all the Souls in WordPress-land.

Far away or near at hand,

Thanks for reading my musing mind.

Thanks for proving humanity, kind.

For all the Souls who view my work.

Who sneak a peek or often lurk –

Amongst the many webs, I weave,

I have some secrets up my sleeve.

I share them with a select few,

You know who you are, yes you. And You.

No doubt about it in my musing mind.

All treasures, are the souls, I find.

Hearken back to days gone by,

Reading poetry on land – up high.

Thank you all, but especially you.

For bringing light to the darkest hue.

© The Secret Poetess, December 2017.

With grateful, secret thanks to all of the readers & followers of my blog in 2017 – you’re fabulous, you are!

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