smile for doorsteps – they’re home to some people.

Tiffany Belle Harper

If you’ve a smile on your face today, may it be due to do something you did for the thousands of people who lost their homes and are living in fear and destitution. Sleeping in back alleys and on corporate doorsteps. I often wonder what Earth would be like without the ignorant walking amongst us. It disgusts me to the bone.


I don’t understand how anyone can step over or walk around a person who can’t get up. Yes, many are drug users, but what else do they have to do to escape their circumstances? We need an exodus of people to help the homeless. It is not right. There are many organisations needing help right now. Can you not spare an hour a week? Or what about animal rescue centres who need bedding and blankets for the many unwanted pets handed over as though they are toys at this…

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