An Angel just crossed my path – Pixie Wayne – oh my heart!

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I just spoke with an Angel. What type of society do we indulge in when a beautiful, strong woman like this feels insecure about being a good person. I beg to question where these issues derive from? It is certainly not me, nor those in my circle. This woman is IN HER POWER. A beautiful mind. A creative soul. I am sure you will agree – this planet needs more Pixie’s!

pixieHere’s Pixie’s Blog. It’s fabulous! Truthful. Heart and Soul. Boom! FAboom!

Tiffany. X

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  1. Gosh, you are making me blush!!! What a huge compliment! 💖 You are absolutely right, no one should ever feel they must be anything but themselves. I went on a really personal journey in 2017, and spent so much time reflecting on my life and the person I truly am, and made the important decision to embrace the person I truly am. And I am so much happier for it! I write my blog to encourage others to take the journeys they need to, and to realise they are never alone in this big world. And if I can help, motivate or inspire just one person, then that is everything I set out to do.

    The blogging world is such a wonderful community, built of talented, strong and inspirational people, and I feel truly grateful to be a part of it.

    We must all build each other up, and remind one another of the strength we all have within us. We are all important, and we are all worthy.

    Thank you so much for this really touching post 💖

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    • 2017 was a year that enlightened many of us. It was a year to face the truth of who we are. There are many people stuck in a cycle of ego that see no fault in themselves. Then there are empaths like you who search for answers. You are awake. You are not alone. Keep writing. Just express how you feel and stay in your power and remember you are amazing!

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