Psychic Energy Reflections by Indu Muralidharan

Indu Muralidharan

As an empath, I can feel the presence of psychic energy within and around me. I am extremely sensitive to energy vampires, and it is easy to spot ‘good’ and ‘bad’ people by a simple parameter of whether they try to subtly steal psychic energy. Though it is not always that simple or obvious. Often people close to you can unconsciously drain you of energy. I have also had several encounters with strangers who are so energetically evolved that they naturally radiate warmth and positive energy.

I had a curious experience in early July this year. A group of us were at a pub celebrating the completion of a course, and I was talking to a poet who was the first person I had met on the course – as a team of two, we had exchanged our first assignments and introduced each other to our cohort. As we recollected…

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