Working on My New Research Project- Bullying by Ana Melendez

Ana Melendez, Writer

Today I accomplished a task on my to-do list. I went to the library after work to start on my research for my project. I love doing research because it involves a whole lot of reading and writing. Well, for now, I am just writing notes which of course I don’t mind. It’s a start of something big.

Thank goodness that because I work at a university dental clinic I was able to check out books from their library and it’s huge and gorgeous. I love libraries. I consider myself a book nerd. I just love books. All my life since my childhood, I always had a love for books.

Today I researched online and on printed books. I wrote so many notes on the subject and there are tons of information about it. The subject that I am looking into is about bullying happening in our children’s schools around…

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