Face Masks By Lush by All About Your Skin


Lush offers fresh handmade cosmetic products like face masks, bath bombs, body scrubs, etc.

After using Lush beauty products for the past 2 years, I can conclude that I prefer their face masks over others, simply because they are made of all natural ingredients.

I have tried the ‘BB Seaweed’ mask which is made of seaweed, rose water, garlic, tea tree oil, extra virgin oil, almonds, aloe vera, etc.

I have also tried the ‘Cosmetic Warrior’ mask which is made of grapes, honey, garlic, tea tree oil, etc.

Each ingredient added to the mask has its own special benefit. I.e:

  • Grapes clean the skin without completely drying it out.
  • Seaweed revitalizes the skin.
  • Rose water balances the skin PH levels.
  • Aloe vera softens the skin.

After use, both masks have left my skin feeling extremely soft, smooth, clean, calm and clear.

In my opinion, choosing natural products is always…

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