Resiliency! by Water for Camels (hugely inspiring woman. Look at her blog …

Water for Camels

Driving to work yesterday, I listened (as is my habit) to the local Contemporary Christian radio station. A song began playing that I had heard many times…but never really paid heed to the words. That day they struck a chord.

You’re a good good father
it’s who you are
And I’m loved by you
It’s who I am.

My mind began to unpack those comforting words. The writer meant to invoke the listener’s memories of what a good father meant to them and inject those qualities into a song about God’s deep love and committment for us.


But what if you had no frame of reference? What if you did not have a good father? How would you relate?

My own father was a good man. He loved me dearly, of which I have no doubt. But my father was damaged. He was broken by a series of events…

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