Neem Tree! by Anand

absolutely bunkum!

Downpour decision out of season reason,

Dark dolores Sun rhymes stymied crimes,

Noah’s ark stark contrast contraband reverberations,

Wash basin dreams threnody dancing gags gagas,

Ragas muffins fins floating birds sinking ships,

Apocalypses dissolutions recreations gaseous recipes,

Precipices piscean visions galactic core,

Ores ovoids voids spores,

Porous porcelain lean noisome sommelier,

Saaki somnolent lentil tilling soil,

Bonds spoonerisms rims wheels heels dhamma,

Logistics interstitial teal swan,

Boulevard vaudeville layers fray,

To and fro placards play cards,

Hardships struggles rugged zedi,

Edict diction verdict inditing indictment,

Home heart art dome meadows masons,

Mansions scions ions sconces,

Seance gloaming lobe ebullient bay,

Neem tree emollients emoluments,

Humdrum humbugs bunny drummers.

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