‘Me the Demisexual’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

I don’t think about sex – I think about romance, freedom, trust and being free to express myself how I want. I’m not changing for anyone. I wouldn’t want you to change either. Unless, that is, you are a spiteful, vicious piece of shit. In which case, you wouldn’t be in my energy field day or night. It’s what’s inside that turns me on. I’d rather eat cake or make some organic soup than think about body fluids.  But then,  if you want to send me flowers or a piece of gold- shower me with presents. That’s fine … I’ll take it. I may even marry you one day, if you let me be just like this forever. BellEva©


by Tiffany Belle Harper


  1. I was talking to someone yesterday who wouldn’t quit trying to put me in a box. To most people, all I mean by being demisexual is that I am a hopeless romantic and that’s it. What I have realized about people is that wanting to put me in a box is simply their way of being comfortable. Nobody likes to be around someone or something they don’t understand. It socks sometimes when my relationships fail because they just don’t understand how I function.


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