Throwback: Travelling to Milan – Picasso Exhibition (part 1) by Ignis Lifestyle

Ignis Lifestyle

It was too early in the morning when we drove to the station to catch the train to Milano on time. It was my younger sister that had woken up my brother and me at nearly half past four. She was taking it very serious and left us with no other options.

“Wake up you lazybone! We’ll miss our train because of you!”, I could hear her shouting at my older brother while he only wrapped himself up more closely into his blankets.

“Go away”, he muttered and turned away from her, to get some more sleep. Yesterday he had to hand in one of his papers and had been working until two o’clock in the morning.

“Fine, you don’t leave me with another choice!”, my younger sister snapped and I was getting an uncomfortable feeling that the next thing she would do to my older brother wouldn’t please him…

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