image obsessed with the lovers – accept that

Why do you wait for their news .. be your own tabloid. An inner wheel without paper – manufacturing your own findings with the journey you are given. Don’t wait for them. Because they are already in print. Love. Infinite Love is their circulation. Not made for sharing but for showing. You can mind your own business now. Find your story – make it original – fly free as ‘they do’ an eternal will. Private for their love and public to help where they can – the only print to share without the machines and waste of society resources – it’s free to love so perfectly as the lovers.

So now be on your way and let them be in peace  – no revelations for you today –  why wish to spoil this, when you could find it for yourself. Let your jealousy become your news in a positive way. Allow them to be as they remain – married and happy to be undiscovered. ‘Accept that’ … wishing them only justice and light to their union that is outward bound for eternity. For they came here and found one another all over again. They help you more than you know or realise. Accept that.


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